Ted Lieu: Senate Republicans Are a ‘Quivering Mass of Jello’

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) Thursday on MSNBC attacked “quivering” Senate Republicans who will not do anything regarding the Justice Department’s reversal on Roger Stone’s sentence following a tweet posted by President Donald Trump.

Host Chris Jansing said, “The question becomes, I wonder if this is just unbelievably frustrating for you and fellow Democrats, what do you do about it, right? People have suggested well, it is possible to impeach an attorney general, but obviously, it’s never been done before. We saw where things went with the president’s impeachment. I mean, what do you think about impeachment, and what do you do if you believe Bill Barr is using DOJ as the president’s personal law firm?”

Lieu said, “So other than Senator Mitt Romney, all the Senate Republicans are a quivering mass of jello. They’re going to bow down, kneel before Donald Trump. As a result, the only folks that will hold Donald Trump accountable are the American people in November. My view is the House Judiciary Committee on which I sit, needs to continue to expose this misconduct and outrageous behavior of the administration, so the American people have the information they need before they vote.”

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