Matthews: Bloomberg ‘Kept Bleeding’ and ‘Had No Way to Stop It’

During MSNBC’s coverage of Wednesday’s NBC News Democratic presidential debate, host Chris Matthews stated that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former New York City Michael Bloomberg got repeatedly punched and “kept bleeding and bleeding.”

Matthews said, “It was the Roman Coliseum. The — it was boxing in the 1950s. You wait for the other guy…to get a cut over their eye, and then you keep punching the cut over their eye over and over and over again. That’s what they did to Bloomberg. That’s what Elizabeth Warren did to Bloomberg. She knew his [weakness], knew it was the NDA, and she kept punching the spot, and it kept bleeding and bleeding. He had no way to stop it. He didn’t have a cutman. He should have had somebody before the event, the bout tonight to warn him, this is what they’re going to hit you on, and they’re going to keep hitting you on it until you answer, release the women or something. I think that’s what it was about tonight.”

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