Dem Rep. Garamendi Threatens Don Jr. on Coronavirus Comments — If I See Him ‘There Would Be A Serious Altercation’

Representative John Garamendi (D-CA) threatened Donald Trump Jr. on MSNBC on Friday after Trump said Democrats want coronavirus to spread to hurt President Donald Trump.

Host Hallie Jackson asked, “When you look at the discussion around coronavirus as it exists in the politics sphere, Donald Trump Jr. was on this morning and suggested that Democrats are taking a pandemic seemingly hoping and I quote, ‘it comes here to kill millions of people so it can end the president’s winning.’ I want to give you a chance to respond to that comment.”

Garamendi said, “He shouldn’t be near me when he says that.”

Jackson asked, “Why not?”

Garamendi said,  “There would be a serious altercation that’s totally outrageous. That’s totally outrageous. I can assure you there’s not a Democrat or Republican in Congress that wants anybody to be sick. What we are concerned about is the administration’s response to this illness. We have known since December that there was an epidemic in China, and we have known since that time there were Americans exposed to this. We know there was a Princess cruise ship with high exposure and cases in Japan. Those people who were brought back to the United States frankly with very little planning and very little preparation. And no testing available in the United States to see whether they had the virus or not. Those are known facts. We also suspect that there was inadequate safeguards for the personnel that were serving these evacuees at the airbases. We’ll continue to investigate that. We know there’s community spread in my district. I know there’s an individual that’s very sick. Don Jr. better not get close to me. It would not be a healthy situation.”

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