Pence on Coronavirus: ‘Challenges,’ ‘Heartache’ Still to Come, but U.S. ‘Up to the Task’

During a Sunday interview with Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Vice President Mike Pence sounded off on combating the coronavirus pandemic as head of the Coronavirus Task Force.

Pence expressed there are “challenges” and “heartache ahead” in the fight to prevent the spread, but he said the United States is “up to the task” of stopping the deadly virus under President Donald Trump’s leadership.

“America is up to to the task, and they have a president who knows that,” Pence told host Mark Levin. “Not that there aren’t challenges ahead, Mark, there are, and there’s heartache ahead. As we continue to roll out testing by the tens of thousands more tests done every day, we’ll learn of more cases, and sadly, we’ll learn of more loss of life. But President Trump from very early on has understood that the American people would come together around our response and that our state and local officials, our incredible health experts at the federal level, now empowering the American people, we’ll find our way through this.”

Pence also said he is “inspired” by how Americans have responded to the guidelines put out to help combat the virus and helping their fellow countrymen amid the crisis.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be an American to see the way the American people and American businesses are rising to the challenge. And I know we’ll get through this. And as the president says, we’ll get through this together,” he added.

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