Jim Jordan: Democrats, Left Never Miss an Opportunity to Advance Their ‘Left-Wing Crazy Agenda,’ Attack the President

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) warns the Democratic Party and the political left in America are using the coronavirus pandemic to promote their ideology and to use as a wedge between President Donald Trump and the public.

Jordan laid that out and referenced some of the different ways the crisis was being used to infringe upon liberty and freedom.

“Two things that the Democrats never missed, the left never missed, never missed an opportunity to use a crisis to advance their left-wing crazy agenda,” he said. “They never miss an opportunity to attack the President. They started attacking the President before he was even elected President. So those are the two things you can always count on consistently from the left. But the thing that scares me most, Laura, is what we’re seeing happen in civil liberties, fundamental freedom. Well, the Governor of Kentucky says he’s going to arrest people at church. We had we had a prosecutor in one of our counties say he was going to charge people for felonies if they were violating the shelter at home. He even said if he was Governor, he would call out the National Guard and go – to stop people from going to church on Sunday.”

“We got Google saying they’ll track and give that information to the government,” Jordan continued. “And the scariest thing of all – the scariest thing of all is Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles said, if people snitch they will be rewarded. And all this happens … All this happens, Laura – all this happens at the same time that Michael Horowitz is telling us when he looked at the 29 FISA applications, every single one of them had problems when they were spying, when they were looking to spy on American citizens. That’s the context that scares me the most. So that’s why Congress also should be back at work, defending civil liberties and leading by example, doing the will of the people.”

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