Graham: ‘We Ought to Sanction the Hell Out of China’

Saturday, in an appearance on Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was asked by host Jeanine Pirro what the U.S. response should be regarding Mainland China’s handling of the coronavirus in its initial stages, which many believe may have prevented the spread.

Graham once again called China the “largest state sponsor of pandemics,” but added China should face repercussions that include sanctions.

“Cancelling debt is something we could do,” he said. “You know China is the largest state sponsor of pandemics in the world. Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism. We sanctioned the hell out of Iran for spreading terrorism — we ought to sanction the hell out of China for spreading pandemics.”

The South Carolina Republican, after he pointed out the Asia nation’s track record with pandemics, said measures should be put in place to steer manufacturing back to the United States.

“I would like to put sanctions on China not just for the United States, but for the entire world,” Graham continued. “This is the third pandemic to come out of China. Enough is enough. Bring the supply chain back? Yeah, that’s a no brainer. Let’s bring it back into this country by using carrots and sticks by telling businesses. If you relocate your supply chain, we will give you a tax break. If you don’t, we’re going to punish you.”

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