Tim Scott: If PPE Isn’t a Concern, Let Hospitals Do Profitable Work

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Cavuto Live,” Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) stated that if personal protective equipment isn’t a worry, hospitals should be allowed to do things like elective surgeries and procedures, and then the government can provide hospital funding on top of that.

Scott said, “As I talk to CEOs of hospitals around South Carolina, what they say they need is the ability to go back to work. They’re not doing elective surgeries. They’re not doing procedures. And about 80% of the hospital funding comes in those categories. Hospitals are sitting empty, and they’re not able to do the work. If the PPE, the personal protection equipment, is not a concern, we should allow hospitals to start re-engaging and doing those things that are profitable. And then we can provide some additional funding on top of that.”

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