Jim Jordan: Suspending Immigration During Pandemic ‘Just Good Common Sense’

Monday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) called President Donald Trump’s announcement to suspend immigration to the United States during the coronavirus pandemic “common sense.”

Host Shannon Bream asked Jordan during her broadcast of “Fox News @ Night” if he was made aware of Trump’s announcement. Jordan said he had not been made aware but expressed his agreement with the decision.

“I didn’t, but it’s common sense,” he replied. “A couple of things — one, it is temporary, as you pointed out, Shannon. Two,  think about this — at a time when Americans are being told to stay at home it kind of makes sense that we’re not going to let new people into the country, particularly at the very moment when you’re trying to restart our economy and prevent any new hot spots and new outbreaks from happening. So, I view this is common sense. I think most Americans are going to view it as common sense. Of course, the left like Eric Swalwell, they’re going to go crazy but think about what they have proposed during this pandemic, Shannon. They said they want to release illegal immigrants. They said they wanted to pay states to let criminals out of jail early. They said abortion clinics are essential businesses. And they said you can’t purchase firearms and can go to church. That’s the radical position. They’re going to go crazy on this, but most Americans are going to see it for what it is, which is just good common sense.”

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