Abrams: NYT Found Reade’s Accusation ‘Not Credible’ – ‘I Believe Joe Biden’

On Tuesday’s “CNN Tonight,” former Georgia state Representative Stacey Abrams stated that she believes the sexual assault allegations against 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by Tara Reade are untrue and that she believes Biden.

Abrams said, “I believe that women deserve to be heard and I believe that they need to be listened to, but I also believe that those allegations have to be investigated by credible sources. The New York Times did a deep investigation, and they found that the accusation was not credible. I believe Joe Biden. I believe that he is a person who has demonstrated that his love of family, his love of our community has been made perfectly clear through his work as a congressional leader and as an American leader. I know Joe Biden, and I think that he is telling the truth and that this did not happen.”

Host Don Lemon then brought up Abrams’ tweet in 2018 that it was “shameful” that then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination was “being rushed forward.” And “survivors of violence always deserve to be supported and to have their voices heard.” And asked her if she was “applying a different standard now?”

Abrams responded that she wasn’t because “what was happening to Christine Blasey Ford was there was no investigation” of Ford’s allegations, while Reade’s were investigated by the New York Times and “subsequent reports,” which “support what the Biden campaign has said.”

Lemon later asked, “Does Joe Biden personally need to address this more directly and publicly?”

Abrams responded, “I believe his campaign has been very clear, and I believe that that is the approach that they intend to take, and I support the approach.”

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