NBC’s Tom Costello: DC’s St. John’s Church Experienced ‘Some Vandalism’

Thursday, during a live shot on MSNBC, NBC News correspondent Tom Costello offered viewers his perspective of the current situation in Washington, D.C. near the White House on the north side of Lafayette Square.

While explaining the scene of calm, he seemingly downplayed damage done to St. John’s Church, which was set ablaze on Sunday night during protests near the White House.

Exchange as follows:

RUHLE: Let’s go to DC where NBC’s Tom Costello is standing by. Protesters demonstrated there for a sixth straight day. Tom, it seemed pretty peaceful from just looking at the pictures. How was it up close?

COSTELLO: Yeah. It’s dead quiet at the moment. Let me just give you the lay of the land. Across the street here is St. John’s Church. As you know, that’s the church that had some vandalism, and President Trump stood in front of with a Bible a few nights ago.

Across the street, Lafayette Park and the White House — we’ve only got a dozen people here or so at the moment.

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