Clift: Trump’s Police Executive Order Is ‘a Good Start’

On Friday’s “McLaughlin Group,” the Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift stated that the executive order on police reform that President Trump signed earlier in the week is “a good start.” She particularly praised the president on his calls for a national police registry and funding for co-responders and stated that the creation of a national police registry “would be huge.”

Clift said, “I think the president actually has made a good start. If they can actually get a national police registry, that would be huge. Because the administrations in the — not the Democratic administration, but Republicans, have resisted the compilation of that kind of data. So, that would be an accomplishment. The president also was — called for money for co-responders, for social workers to interfere in some of these cases. I think that’s good as well. And that doesn’t show up in the Republican Senate bill.”

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