CNN’s Lemon: Trump’s Message Is ‘Scary Black People’ Are Trying to Take Away ‘White People’s America’

Friday on SiriusXM radio’s “The Dean Obeidallah,” CNN host Don Lemon said President Donald Trump is promoting a message of fear of “scary black people” taking away “white people’s America.”

Obeidallah said. “It seems like he’s so out of touch with America, he’s just like an angry old man yelling about things that are changing.”

Lemon said, “It’s easy to fall back on stereotypes. It’s easy to make the black man the boogeyman, right? Fear. He is using fear to scare people, ‘Oh my gosh, these scary black people want to take away the world that you know, the America that you created. which is not true.”

He continued, “Black people built this country, built the White House, and did it all for free. Their contribution was free as slaves. So for him to play on the fear of white Americans by making them think that these black people want something extra and are trying to take away their America, meaning white people’s America is quite simply bull. It’s crap. It is the lowest common denominator. So yes I think he is like an old man screaming ‘Get off my lawn.'”

On the nationwide protests, Lemon said, “Those young people are out there, of all ethnicities, are pulling us into the present and pulling us into the future saying ‘This is not the America that we want. We don’t want an America the capitalizes on the discrimination of certain people in the society. We wanted America that promises a more perfect union for everyone, where that is available for everyone and not just for some.’ At the very least, he is tone-deaf, but he is also living in the past. He is a relic. The world is going to pass him by. And all those people who he’s trying to capitalize on their fear with racism, it’s going to pass them by as well. So he needs to get on the train or get off. And if he doesn’t, then it’s over.”

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