Cotton: If Democrats Want to Campaign on Not Delivering Results Except for Defunding the Police, ‘I Will Welcome That Campaign’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said he would “welcome” his Democratic colleagues’ approach to police reform, which he said lacked results beyond simply defunding the police.

Cotton indicated that could be a winning issue for Republicans in the November election.

“I wouldn’t take the word of [Rep.] Jerry Nadler on the need for police reform and the kinds of reforms we need,” he said. “I would take the word of Senator Tim Scott, who has acted like a true statesman and the finest keeping of the traditions of the Senate over the last two weeks. I think it’s very regrettable that all but three Democrats refused to join with us merely the start debate in the Senate this week. Again, this wasn’t about passing a bill and sending it to the Senate with which they disagreed. This was about simply starting the debate and offering amendments and having votes to improve the bill that Senator Scott and a handful of other senators had drafted.”

“Yet, the Democrats refused to do even that,” Cotton added. “Maybe they think that this is a good political issue for them in November, if they want to campaign on not delivering results, except for defunding the police, I will welcome that campaign.”

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