NBC’s Todd: Trump Risking ‘Katrina Moment’ by ‘Insisting We’re Winning’ on Coronavirus

Sunday on “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd said President Donald Trump was risking a “Katrina moment” with his leadership amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Todd said, “For a country that celebrates American exceptionalism, the United States finds itself in an exceptionally bad place today. The calendar says July 12th, but it feels more like April 12th when it comes to battling this virus, even if president trump did finally wear a mask in public late yesterday. Once again, cases are surging, the ten worst days for cases nationwide have occurred over the past 11 days. We are facing shortages of protective gear, of tests and ICU beds for COVID-19 patients. Once again, we are left to wonder how did we get here again? Is it because of a president who remains in denial about the disaster unfolding on his watch? Is it because states chose not to listen to health experts and reopened too soon? Or is it because of scenes like this, too many Americans being foolish, deciding they were immune, or that the experts were wrong, or that they had a right not to wear a mask, or is it all of the above?”

He added, “Now President Trump is urging schools to reopen with weakened safety protocols and pointing to Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden as examples of countries that reopened schools safely. He did it on a day when those countries had a thousand new cases combined. On that same day, the United States had roughly 60,000 new cases. Whatever confluence of factors led us to this moment, President Trump is insisting we’re winning a war we’re clearly losing, and he’s risking his own Katrina moment when voters lose faith in a president’s ability to lead.”

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