RNC Chair McDaniel: ‘We’ve Registered More Voters Already Than We Did in the Entire 2016 Cycle’

During a Monday interview on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Ronna McDaniel touted the GOP’s surging voter registration.

According to McDaniel, the GOP has “registered more voters than the entire 2016 cycle.” She also pointed out that presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden’s operation “has not been existent.”

“It’s not a surprise to me, Brian, because we have been building up our ground game for the past year, ” McDaniel told host Brian Kilmeade. “We have had people in all of these battleground states. We have the highest staff that we have ever had, and we have activated over a million volunteers. And the Biden operation has not been existent. So, the second the pandemic hit, we went completely virtual. We haven’t lost a step, and we’ve continued to do voter [registration]. And we’ve registered more voters already than we did in the entire 2016 cycle.”

McDaniel also discussed the upcoming Republican National Convention in Florida, which has seen an uptick in coronavirus cases after reopening the economy. She said the RNC will continue to monitor the situation and intends to “put the safety and the health of the convention-goers first.”

“We are always looking at the circumstances on the ground,” McDaniel outlined. “In Florida, we actually have a governor and mayor who are working with us right now. Charlotte we did have a mayor who is working with us but not a governor. And we are going to put the safety and the health of the convention-goers first and foremost. And we’ll be making adjustments as we get closer — it’s still over a month and a half away. But that’s going to be the primary focus, as well as making sure we have a great event to renominate our president.”

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