Scalise: Democrat Coronavirus Relief Bill Is the ‘No Liberal Cause Left Behind Act’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) expressed his pessimism about the prospects of Democrats reaching an agreement with Republicans on a coronavirus relief bill.

Scalise indicated Democrats are seeking a package that goes beyond coronavirus relief. He referred to his U.S. House of Representatives counterparts effort as the “no liberal cause left behind act.”

“Clearly, we’re very far apart,” Scalise said. “You know, you just mentioned Speaker Pelosi’s — you could call it no liberal cause left behind act that they filed. It shows you where they really want to go. Our focus has always been on helping people get back on their feet and helping schools and businesses safely reopen. What they’re talking about — I mean, over a trillion dollars now they want to use to bail out states that were failing before COVID. You’re talking about mailing ballots — election ballots to people illegally on voter rolls.”

“That’s — what does that have to do with COVID, first of all, but it really shows you their priorities,” he continued. “And so, a very big difference between the sides. We really can be doing a lot of things. And by the way, there’s over $500 billion of existing money that we already spent in the Cares Act that hasn’t been spent that can be more flexibly used. For example, for states to help schools reopen safety. Buying supplies, like masks and hand sanitizer, to help small businesses get back on their feet — to help people that are struggling. All of that is still unspent money. Why do they need to add another $3 trillion of debt to do all of these things that have nothing to do with COVID?”

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