Jim Jordan: ‘I Would Bet My House’ on Trump Ohio Win — Margin ‘More’ Than in 2016

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) expressed his bullishness on President Donald Trump’s prospects in his home state of Ohio.

Jordan went as far as saying he would bet his house that Trump won Ohio, and added that he thought he would win by a bigger margin than the eight-point margin of the President’s 2016 win over Hillary Clinton.

Jordan’s remarks came on the heels of the President’s visit to the Buckeye State.

“There were people from the airport to the Whirlpool Plant, people ling the highway, Trump flags, Trump banners, Trump hats — I mean it was great to see,” he said. “So this poll today that says the President is even with Joe Biden in Ohio, I would bet my house that that’s not accurate and that the President is going to win the state just like he did in 2016. He won by 8.5 in 16. I bet he is going to win it by more. So I feel really good the President gave a great speech and the people of Ohio know that this President is Ohio manufacturing and American manufacturing’s best friend.”

The Ohio congressman was asked about why Trump’s trip to Ohio was important by fill-in host Sandra Smith.

“Because it’s about the trade policy, his willingness to stand up to China,” Jordan replied. “His willingness to stand up for the American family and the American worker that was on display. This plant was in trouble what was happening with Whirlpool in the competition they faced and different things that were going on, the dumping the steel and everything else. This President has stood strong and the folks there at the Whirlpool Plant, they understand, and right now they are humming along. They are selling washers and dryers, and dishwashers like you can’t believe because this President is fighting for hard-working families all across this country, and he got a great reception.”

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