Schumer: Trump ‘Gets These Little Bugs in His Head That Have Nothing to Do with Reality’

Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reacted to President Donald Trump signing an executive order for economic relief amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough asked Schumer about Trump surrounding himself with “yes” men and “wreaking havoc” on the U.S. Postal Service by pushing back against having vote-by-mail for the upcoming presidential election.

Schumer said Trump “gets these little bugs in his head that have nothing to do with reality” and no one in his administration tells him the truth.

“The president … he’s wanted to destroy the post office,” Schumer argued. “You know, he gets these little bugs in his head that have nothing to do with reality. No one tells him the truth, and then he tries to go forward. So, he’s wanted to hurt the post office, maybe even destroy it, end it, for a long time. Now, we have the COVID crisis. And like everywhere else, some postal workers have COVID. And instead of beefing up the number of people at the post office, the new postmaster general, who has no experience in postal and who is a big contributor to Trump, I called him, by the way, three times because I want to talk to him about what he was doing. He would not call me back. Finally, Pelosi and I said, we’re not going to negotiate on this unless we meet with him. And we met with them. And the meeting was a disgrace. He is so far over his head.”

Schumer added that Trump is attempting to “screw up the system” so he can claim the election was not done correctly.

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