Navarro: ‘Common Cause’ Between Dems and C.C.P. on Blaming Trump for Pandemic China Caused

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Making Money,” White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro reacted to the first two nights of the Democratic National Convention by stating that Democrats are making “common cause” with the Chinese Communist Party “on blaming Donald J. Trump” for the coronavirus pandemic “that the Chinese Communist Party has infected America with.”

Navarro said, “Here’s something, Charles, think about this. Last night, the first two days of this Democrat Convention, it’s the running dogs of the Democratic Party that didn’t bark about China. Not a single word, no C.C.P. words throughout this convention. And what we’re seeing, Charles, clearly, is common cause between the Democratic Party, the Chinese Communist Party on blaming Donald J. Trump for a pandemic that the Chinese Communist Party has infected America with. And it’s just amazing to me. It should worry the American people.”

Navarro later added that “China has thrown its lot in with Joe Biden. … They’d love to have Joe Biden in office. And you know what? They’re not just waiting. They have the…wu mao army…it’s this millions of Chinese, both in the government and in the Internet sphere that get paid, basically, to come over and wage information warfare against this country and against this president.”

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