Scarborough: GOP ‘Making Things Up’ About ‘Gangs’ Coming to Neighborhoods, Killing People

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday sounded off on the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, WI, as Republicans at this week’s national convention have warned a Joe Biden presidency would result in “gangs” taking over neighborhoods all across the country.

Scarborough said Republicans are “just making things up” by talking about their “fear” of rioters and gangs “coming to your neighborhoods.”

“[Y]ou have at the convention the sons of a billionaire who inherited $400 million talking about fear, stirring fear, trying to stir fear among white voters in the suburbs, that the blacks are coming to get you, talking about the fear … just making things up, talking about the fear, they’re coming for you,” Scarborough outlined as he reacted to Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers pleading for change. “They’re going to abolish the suburbs. Gangs are coming to your neighborhoods and are going to kill you and your families. They talk about fear, Shawna, and yet as Doc Rivers said, Donald Trump never had to sit his sons down and have the talk with his sons, hey, you know, if you get stopped while you’re driving in your Porsche or your Lamborghini or whatever they drive in, as you’re going down to Atlantic City, turn the lights on inside the car, keep your hands on the dashboard, because if you make the wrong move, you may get shot.”

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