Demings: ‘No One Has Violated the Law in 2020 More Than’ Trump

Representative Val Demings (D-FL) on Sunday’s broadcast of CBS’s “Face the Nation” accused President Donald Trump of violating the law more than anyone in 2020.

Partial transcript as follows:

DEMINGS: However, we are a nation of laws, and anyone on any side in any place who violates the law has to be held accountable. We don’t condemn people who are obeying the law because of those who do not obey the law. We can do both and we have done both in this America, and that’s what we need to do. And again, we need the president of the United States to show some leadership during this situation. But that may be asking for too much from President Trump.

BRENNAN: Well, you- you know that the president’s slogan is law and order. He’s been using it repeatedly in recent days. Don’t incidents like the one we just saw or what’s happening in Portland play into your opponent’s argument?

DEMINGS: As you know, I served on the Intelligence Committee and the Judiciary Committee. I served as an impeachment manager. It is quite interesting to listen to President Donald John Trump talk about being the law and order president when no one has violated the law in 2020 more than he has. We’re talking about a president who just had his kickoff for his re-election on the grounds of the White House. And we all know that that was a violation of law. Clearly, again, those who obey the law–


DEMINGS: –should be able to peacefully demonstrate and exercise their First Amendment right. Those who do not, up to and including the president of the United States, regardless of the circumstances, should be and must be held accountable.

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