Scott Walker: Trump ‘Should Absolutely Go to Kenosha’

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) on Monday stressed the importance of President Donald Trump visiting Wisconsin amid the ongoing unrest following Jacob Blake’s death during a confrontation with police in Kenosha, WI.

Although current Gov. Terry Evers (D) and others have pushed back against the prospect of Trump’s reported plans to visit, Walker said in a Fox Business Network “Mornings with Maria” interview that Trump “should absolutely go to Kenosha” to work with local leaders to get the community “back up on its feet again.”

“Well, I think the president should absolutely go to Kenosha, first and foremost, because I think people want to thank him,” Walker advised. “His leadership last week dramatically changed — in fact, after three nights of violence and, sadly, two deaths, we finally saw local and state leaders responding to the president’s… offer, I should say, for more you assistance. But not only that, I think it’s really important when you think about so many of the businesses that were boarded up and some that were even burnt down early in the week, I think it’s important for the president to hear from those employers and find out what the federal government can do to partner with local leaders there, both elected leaders, but more importantly, employers, to get this great community back up on its feet again and help improve it for everyone. The president can do just that.”

“It’s a perfect time to bring people together — business, community, civic leaders — to figure out what to do next to help Kenosha move forward,” he added.

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