Sanders on Biden Adopting His ‘Socialist Agenda’: ‘Oh That It Were, But It’s Not’

Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pushed back against the notion that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has adopted his “socialist agenda.”

“MSNBC Live” anchor Stephanie Ruhle asked Sanders about the “talking point” coming from Fox News and the GOP that Biden is adopting his same agenda. Sanders emphasized that although they agree on “several areas,” Biden is running on his own agenda.

“How much do you and Joe Biden see eye to eye these days? Because Fox News and Republicans have adopted the talking point that Joe Biden has adopted your — what they call socialist agenda. Is that true?” asked Ruhle.

“Oh, that it were, but it’s not,” Sanders replied. “No, look, Joe, and I agree on several areas, and we disagree on other areas. But let me be very clear. Joe’s agenda, it is not my agenda. If you like my agenda, it’s not Joe’s. If you don’t like my agenda, it’s not Joe’s. But his economic agenda will improve life significantly for working families all over this country.”

“Obviously, the Republican Party lies all of the time,” he concluded. “Joe and I agree on some issues. We disagree on other issues. But his proposals will finally begin to address some of the real crises facing working families.”

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