FNC’s Cavuto: ‘Embarrassing’ That Biden Faced Questions Where There Was No Bad Answer

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” host Neil Cavuto panned members of the media for some of their questioning of 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden compared to the questions President Donald Trump receives and said reporters can’t “be a jerk to one side versus the other side,” and characterized some of the questions Biden has been asked as “insulting” and “embarrassing.”

After playing some of the questions Biden faced, Cavuto said, “What they’re essentially saying [is], can you again confirm for us why you think the president is such a jerk given some of these jerky things that he’s said and argued? That’s not fair and balanced. That’s not doing your job. Compare it to the routine treatment that comes out of a Donald Trump give and take with the press.”

He later added, “If you’re going to have Joe Biden talking about how he would do things economically differently or how, for example, the virus, he was on top of this from the very beginning, when the facts are he wasn’t, call him on it. Call both on it. But treat both the same way. If you want to be kind and gentle to both, if that’s your strategy, well, then be kind and gentle to both. But if you want to be a jerk to one side versus the other side, that’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not balanced, and that shouldn’t be.”

Cavuto further stated, “I mean, this was insulting. To frame it in a way that there was no bad way the former vice president could answer, that’s embarrassing.”

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