Brooks: Trump Admin Deserves Credit for Putting Money Towards Vaccine and Testing

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that while the Trump administration’s coronavirus response has had flaws, it does deserve credit for doing “a decent job of pouring money, both toward a vaccine and toward testing.”

Brooks said, “I have to give the administration some credit on the rapid testing. And Abbott Labs apparently [came up] with a breakthrough that’s — gives you a chance to do testing fast. And the administration has poured a lot of money toward that, to get 150 million of these tests. And for all the flaws of the administration’s COVID response, they’ve done a decent job of pouring money, both toward a vaccine and toward testing. And so, I give them some credit on that. The — from what I understand of this test, it’s not the ultimate solution for testing. You want to be able to test at home and etc. But if we could do rapid testing, you could test as people go into schools and conferences and buildings. If that could be effective, that’s a step back toward normalcy. And I have to give them some credit where credit’s due. They’ve put a lot of money into this.”

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