Trump Campaign Adviser Cortes: ‘Great American Economic Renaissance’ Has ‘Momentum for Our Side’

Trump campaign senior adviser Steve Cortes on Monday weighed in on President Donald Trump’s recent surge in the polls that has him closing in on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead in some key swing states.

Cortes, during an interview with FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” highlighted the “great American economic renaissance” and recent “blockbuster jobs numbers” as giving the Trump campaign momentum.

“Here is what’s important: Why is the race tightening? Why is the momentum for our side, for the president and our campaign? It’s because of the economy, Griff,” Cortes outlined. “This economy, this great American economic renaissance gains incredible steam across this country, and, again, it’s not my opinion. The statistics show this. The economic numbers lately have been simply off the charts. On this Labor Day, we can rightly celebrate that we just got a blockbuster jobs number, and it wasn’t just the top line, which was fantastic, it was also the details of how good these new jobs are. 4.7% wage growth year-over-year. The American economic engine reignites, the American people know that Donald Trump is the jobs president, and again, citing polling, NBC, Wall Street Journal poll shows he has a 10-point advantage over Biden when it comes to the economy, so the economy is coming our way, and I think the Democrats know and feel that pressure.”

Cortes said, on the other hand, Biden would “crush the renaissance” with a $4 trillion tax hike.

“We’re not going to go backwards to Joe Biden’s globalism and statism,” he added. “We’re going to continue with this great American renewal.”

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