Dem Sen. Candidate Cunningham: I’d ‘Be Hesitant’ to Take COVID Vaccine Approved by End of Year

During the North Carolina Senate debate on Monday, Democratic nominee former state Sen. Cal Cunningham stated that he “would be hesitant” to take a coronavirus vaccine if it was approved by the end of the year.

Cunningham said, “Look, I’ve got questions. And I think we have seen entirely too many times, and especially in recent years, politics intervening in what should be driven by health and science. … Historically and traditionally, I would support and have confidence in the Food and Drug Administration and the processes that they go through in order to approve a drug, but we have seen an extraordinary corruption in Washington. … I would have a lot of questions of the FDA. I think the American people have questions about the government of this country, the governance of this country right now. The senator for North Carolina would be asking questions, not only about this vaccine, but also about the underlying political and financial influences that are leading to distorted decision-making in Washington.”

Moderator David Crabtree then asked, “So, do I read you to say you would be hesitant to receive the vaccine if it were approved by the end of the year?”

Cunningham responded, “Yes. I would be hesitant. But I’m going to ask a lot of questions.”

(h/t Seung Min Kim)

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