Hawley Introduces ‘David Dorn Back the Blue Act’ to Provide Pay Raise, More Jobs for Police

Wednesday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) unveiled his legislation to provide every member of law enforcement a pay raise.

Hawley said on FNC’s “Fox & Friends” that his “David Dorn Back the Blue Act” — named after the 77-year-old retired African-American St. Louis police captain who was killed during a looting spree in the wake of George Floyd’s death — will help get more police officers on the streets.

“You know, it is extraordinary to see. In St. Louis alone, there have been nine police officers shot in the line of duty since June — nine,” Hawley emphasized. “And we hear nothing from the Democrats, nothing from the woke corporations and celebrities, and that’s why I’m introducing this bill. This would give a pay raise to every cop in America, and it would put more cops on our streets. It’s time that we stood up and supported our law enforcement. The safety of our neighborhoods depends on it.”

“You really have a great divide between law enforcement on the one side and the Democrat Party and the left on the other,” he added. “The left has decided that it is open season on law enforcement. They have decided to embrace this Marxist rhetoric. They are trying to tear down law enforcement, trying to tear down American society, saying all of it is systemically racist. This is false. It’s time we called it out as false, and it’s time we stood by law enforcement. They put their lives on the line for us every single day. They do it voluntarily. They deserve a pay raise. They deserve support. And we need more good law enforcement on our streets. Not fewer.”

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