NBC’s Chuck Todd: Trump Making Up Mail-in Voter Fraud — ‘He’s Gaslighting the Country’

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said on Thursday’s broadcast of “MTP Daily” that President Donald Trump was “gaslighting the country” with his many assertions that assertions that mail-in voting is fraught with fraud.

Todd said, “With just 40 days until the election, the president of the United States is openly signaling he could take drastic action to attempt to hold on to power. With Biden maintaining his durable lead in the polls, the president ramped up his attacks on the integrity of the election. Now he’s publicly stating that he will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power.”

He continued, “As President Trump directly challenges a peaceful transition of power, the first question many will ask is, should we really take his comments seriously? The short answer is, we have no choice. We have to because they are not isolated remarks by any means. This president has made it more than clear that he does not want the country to trust the election results because he thinks he might lose.”

In a clip of an earlier interview on Fox News radio’s “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” Trump said, “These ballots are a horror show. They found six ballots in an office yesterday in a garbage can. They were Trump ballots. Eight ballots in an office yesterday in a certain state and they were — they had Trump written on it, and they were thrown in a garbage can. This is what’s going to happen. This is what’s going to happen. And we’re investigating that. It’s a terrible thing that’s going on with these ballots. Who’s sending them? Where are they sending them? Where are they going? What areas are they going to? What areas are they not going to? When they get there, who’s going to take care of them? So when we find eight ballots — that’s emblem attic of thousands of locations, perhaps.”

Todd said, “Look, we followed up. We tried to see this evidence, what the president claimed there was alarming, wasn’t it? We should note when we asked the White House for information to back up this claim about trump votes being thrown in the trash, they sent us a report that did not back up his claims one bit. He’s making this up, folks. He’s gaslighting the country.”

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