FNC’s Bartiromo: Durham Report Before Election ‘Unlikely’

Sunday, Fox News Channel’s Maria Bartiromo reported it was “unlikely” for a report from John Durham on a probe into the origins of the 2016 investigation of the Trump campaign before the November 3 elections.

“It is unlikely that we will get a John Durham interim report or any indictments before the election, now just 37 days away,” she said. “A debate has begun within the Department of Justice as the timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusions. I’m being told by sources it is now too close to the election and could be viewed as politically motivated. However, I can confirm Durham’s investigation is significant, and it is expanding, reports Friday that Durham has expanded the scope of his investigation to include the Clinton Foundation donations while Clinton was sitting secretary of state.”

“The same group, remember, at the FBI was leading these two investigations,” Bartiromo continued. “It was led by former FBI agent Peter Strzok. He was overseeing both investigations, one into the Clinton use of an unsecured server, and one into Donald Trump’s alleged collusion. They were treated extremely differently, even though there was no evidence found of wrongdoing for Trump and gross negligence found in Clinton’s handling of her unsecured server. Again, I believe, based on my conversations with sources, it is unlikely you will hear any conclusions by John Durham by November 3.”

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