FNC’s Pirro: Biden Kept Saying Hunter Stories ‘Discredited, Debunked’ — I Kept Waiting, By Whom Is It Debunked?

Tuesday following the presidential debate, Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro called into question Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s claim allegations leveled at his son Hunter Biden had been “discredited” and “debunked.”

Pirro said she the former Vice President never backed up that statement.

“He kept saying it’s ‘discredited, debunked,'” Pirro said. “By whom? I kept waiting, by whom is it debunked? We know it is the bank records, we know people confirmed — he just said it’s a lie and we are supposed to accept that. Joe Biden cannot come up and look as we conceded, as timid as he did and think that he can run this country, and you know what, sean? I want to see Joe Biden out there tomorrow fighting. I don’t want to hear that he’s been in his house relaxing tomorrow because this has taken such a toll on him.”

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