Woodward: Trump ‘Is Assassinating the Presidency’

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward during Tuesday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC weighed in on the first presidential debate.

After saying President Donald Trump had nothing new to say at the Tuesday debate and appeared to not even prepare for it, Woodward claimed he is “assassinating the presidency.”

“Winging it describes his presidency,” Woodward argued. “He has not planned, he has not organized. He’s obsessed with winning reelection. I think what we saw last night is he has no idea how to win. He has no idea to reach out to people. There was Biden saying, you know, half a dozen times, talking to the voter, saying, I’m going to do this, I promise this, and so forth. Was it a perfect performance? No, but you’ve got to put yourself in the place of somebody who has to actually go out and make a decision and who to vote for, and Trump is on a rant and rage. I’ve just — I’ve never seen anything like it. Of course, none of us have because I don’t think it’s ever happened before.”

He continued, “This is not a good time for people, particularly for American workers. Then you lay into this the issue of the virus. Trump has, again, wing it, no plan, absorb random information, not really think it through. … I don’t want to overstate this, but he is assassinating the presidency. The job of a president is protect the people, tell the truth, provide some sort of moral compass, moral, hey, this is why we’re doing it, this is where we’re going.”

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