ABC’s Dowd: Trump’s Illness Caused by His ‘Cavalier Attitude’ Will Anger Americans

ABC’s network political analyst Matthew Dowd predicted President Donald Trump’s positive coronavirus diagnosis would cause the American public to be angry over the president’s “cavalier attitude” toward virus protocols on Sunday’s broadcast of “This Week.”

Dowd said, “I hope we can simultaneously do two things, which is send compassion and concern for the first lady and the president, and be so angry about the cavalier attitude and the cavalier way and the irresponsibility of this president and the White House has done related to the coronavirus and the protocols in place. They wantonly had a disregard for others and put people at risk. So I think the American public is feeling both of those things today. They hope the president recovers, and they’re also upset that the president did not take this seriously enough even in his own actions to protect himself, the security of the country, and others. And we should be able to hold both of those thoughts simultaneously like the American public does.”

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