MSNBC’s Wallace: Pence Was ‘Flaccid’ — So Lame, Limp, Boring the ‘Fly Left Him’

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace gave her immediate reaction to Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Vice President Mike Pence, calling him “flaccid.”

Wallace said, “The women are gone. The collapse Trump is seeing in the polling is because white college-educated and all white women fled the ticket. The problem tonight is that Mike Pence appeared flaccid and anemic, and that will hurt him with men. The only people they have in their coalition after last week’s barn burner from Trump were the grievance voter that is a vocal and animated part of the Trump base. This will not land well with them.”

She continued, “I think there are going to be questions if he is not feeling that great after this performance.”
Wallace added, “Here is the other things on voters’ minds what if Trump takes a turn for the worse and this guy takes over. He had to look presidential tonight, and he just looked limp and lame.”

Discussing a fly that landed on the vice president’s head during the debate, Wallace added, “He didn’t move the fly. Here is the reason the fly is a thing. Politics are hard to get into. If your way is in, there is a fly. He didn’t shoo the fly. I thought Kamala Harris would. He was so still. He didn’t get rid of the fly. The fly left him when it got bored.”

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