Trump Campaign’s Perrine: Debate Commission ‘Trying to Put the Finger on the Scale for Joe Biden’ with Virtual Debate

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign principal deputy communications director Erin Perrine slammed the Presidential Debate Commission for changing the second presidential debate to be a virtual debate.

Trump said Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” that he does not intend to participate in a virtual debate.

Perrine during an interview later in the day with the network’s “Varney & Company” echoed the same sentiment. She accused the debate commission of “trying to put the finger on the scale for Joe Biden.”

“The campaign has put out a statement saying that the president does intend to do a rally instead of doing a virtual debate,” Perrine told host Stuart Varney. “Listen, the Presidential Debate Commission is clearly biased. It’s full of never-Trumpers and it’s full of swamp creatures. And yet again, in order to try to distract from Kamala Harris’ abysmal performance last night and the vice president’s absolute dominance on that debate stage, they are trying to put the finger on the scale for Joe Biden. And, listen, the president is not interested in doing the virtual debate. He would rather speak to the American people directly without the super biased debate commission getting in the way.”

Varney asked if that means no second debate for Trump.

“As of right now, the president has been very clear he is not interested in doing a virtual debate, and instead he will hold a rally,” Perrine emphasized.

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