Clift: There Will Be ‘Reckoning’ on Fact that Most of SCOTUS ‘Appointed by Presidents Who Did Not Win the Popular Vote’

On Friday’s edition of “The McLaughlin Group,” The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift stated that while “we are a long way” from expanding the size of the Supreme Court, “there’s a reckoning to come” on the fact that five of the nine Supreme Court justices were “appointed by presidents who did not win the popular vote.”

Clift said, “Let’s see how many seats the Democrats get. Let’s see if Biden is right that there are eight to ten Republicans that he can do business with. Let’s see how Republicans react if they see Trump absolutely crushed, loser, party demolished. Are they all going to want to just line up behind Mitch McConnell and block everything that the new administration tries to do? So, we are a long way from expanding the court. But the government will have to — we as a country will have to come to grips, at some point, with the fact that we are so far from one man, one vote. We are really a minority rule, when you look at the representation in the Senate, and when you look at nine justices, five of them appointed by presidents who did not win the popular vote. So, there’s a reckoning to come on this. But I’m not looking for it Biden’s first 100 days.”

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