WH’s McEnany Predicts Trump Win in Two Days — Joe Biden’s Campaign ‘More Confused Than Ever Before’

During a Saturday appearance on the Fox News Channel, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany predicted a win for President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

She noted the Biden campaign and its allies were touting possible wins in the traditional red states of Georgia and Texas. However, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was spending time in Minnesota, which was a state a Democratic presidential candidate had not lost since 1972.

According to McEnany, that was a sign of confusion.

“Joe Biden’s often confused,” she said. “But right now, his campaign is more confused than ever before. When you go in one breath to Georgia and Texas, and then in the next breath you go to Minnesota, a state no Republican has won since 1972, a state President Trump almost won by 1.5 percentage points, when you’re stopping by Minnesota, that should worry you. That should tell the American people all they need to know.”

“We are leading. I just checked out the numbers before I came on,” McEnany said. “The early vote, we are eight points ahead in ballots returned in Wisconsin, two points ahead in ballots returned in Michigan. They are on the run to find a state. They thought they had this. He hid in his basement from the American people. He won’t fight for your votes so he won’t fight for you as president. So right now, they’re trying to find a path to victory. We are very confident that we are going to win in two short days.”

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