CNN’s Tapper Decries Lack of Social Distancing Outside White House — ‘I Hate to Be a Wet Blanket’

The lack of adherence to COVID-19 protocols did not go unnoticed by CNN’s Jake Tapper, who was anchoring his network’s coverage of the reaction to the media call of the presidential election.

Tapper noted the lack of social distancing and suggested those in the streets celebrating Joe Biden’s reported election should wear masks and avoid crowds.

“[L]et’s just take a look outside the White House,” he said. “You see these crowds celebrating. We’ve been seeing images like this from coast to coast all day of people honking their horns and waving flags, people very excited. There they are outside the White House. They are wearing masks, but obviously, they’re not social distancing sufficiently. Again, I hate to be a wet blanket, but we are in the middle of a horrific pandemic that is spreading and getting worse. Please wear masks and avoid crowds as much as possible.”

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