Pennsylvania GOP Lawmaker: Democrat Officials Worked to ‘Tip the Scales’ to Joe Biden

Appearing Friday on the Fox News Channel, Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R) accused the state’s Democrat officials of having worked to “tip the scale” to aid former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign for the White House.

(Watch from 1:16)

A transcript is as follows: 

TRACE GALLGHER: We are probably not going to get any final results from Pennsylvania for how long? Are we talking a day or two? Are we talking a week? Do you have any timeline you can give us?

JAKE CORMAN: It depends. Obviously the vote count may be finishing up in the next day or two but after that, again, counties have to certify. The counties need to certify the election. They run the election. Then there are challenges, there are legal challenges they want adjudicated. If there’s a request for recounts, they will have to go through that process. This is the unfortunate part about what Secretary Boockvar has done, and by extension, Governor Wolf by changing a lot of the rules of how this has been done and by doing everything they could to tips the scales to Joe Biden, and now, the integrity of this election is called into question. I don’t have evidence of any misdoing, but all their actions are leading to us wondering why they didn’t want people watching this process and didn’t allow poll watchers in the pre-voting, or getting close enough to see what was going on.



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