CNN’s Cuomo: Trump Is the ‘Worst President We Have Ever Seen’ — ‘Truly Inhumane’

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Wednesday on his show “Cuomo Prime Time” that President Donald Trump was “the worst president we have ever seen.”

Cuomo said, “In 24 hours, just the past 24 hours, this president has vetoed pay for the military, stalled relief for millions of you, and issued the most toxic tally of pardons we have ever seen. The 26 new Trump pardons tonight, gifts to many convicted criminals that you know well who did horrible things. Many admitted it. And then he left to go golf in Florida. After vetoing pay for the military, after leaving relief in limbo, millions of Americans don’t have food for Christmas, let alone money for heat or gifts. And he knows it. And he doesn’t sign the relief bill. And he doesn’t veto it. So, he knows nothing will happen.”

He continued, “There is a gift in this moment. I hope you accept it, the gift of ultimate clarity about this outgoing president. Democrats, Independents, real Republicans, you all now know just based on the last 24 hours alone this guy is the worst ever. He is the worst president we have ever seen, period. He has not only proven to be incompetent, but he is indeed truly inhumane. He has denied the hungry. He has denied our warriors. He has denied a pandemic, and he does not give a damn about anything but lying about it all and faking his own greatness. That is the truth.”

He added, “Why did you leave? If you believe in a God, I don’t care what your religion is, who does this? By all accounts, you are not working on a deal. Every day you golf. Every day you delay is another day of paralyzing pain in a country that you owe, and you know this. And you won’t veto so that there could be some kind of action. You won’t tell your minions to meet Pelosi. What is this about? How can the answer not be you? How can the truth not be you wanted to look the part of the hero just when you are trying to undo democracy even though you torpedoed a compromise that has been months in the making that you ignored while you people helped negotiate. It is the worst thing you could do in this situation. And you made this situation. You ignored this pandemic. You made a bad play. You thought if you ignored it, it would go away, and the economy would be OK, and you doubled down on dumb, and this time you bit all of us in the ass.”

He concluded, “He is the worst we have ever seen. The only reason you would defend that is because you don’t want to give in to the status quo. But what are you saying when you decide to reject the status quo by making it worse, by injecting the political equivalent of a virus into our political corpus? And that’s what Trump is. He is not a cure. He has never been a cure. He was never going to be a cure. He was injected as a virus to make the system sick, and he has. And now we are on our knees in this country. And the only chance for us to get to a better place is to recognize what we have had all along. The ability to come together, to be about a common cause, and to demand better from the men and women that we invest with power to do our business. If you expect nothing, you get this: we must change. Let it be a gift to us before this Christmas. He is the worst. We must get better from here.”

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