Papadopoulos on Pardon: ‘Extremely Grateful’

George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy adviser for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and author, expressed his gratitude Wednesday for being among the group of presidential pardons and commutations as President Donald Trump’s term in the White House comes to an end. Papadopoulos had been charged with making false statements during FBI special counsel Robert Muller’s investigation into accusations of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia.

Papadopoulos told Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” that he is “extremely grateful” for his pardon. He added that the pardon coming right before Christmas “made it even more special.”

“I’m absolutely ecstatic,” Papadopoulos stated. “And first and foremost, I would just really like to express how grateful I am to President Trump for pardoning me and correcting what I think and what I think many people now with the overwhelming evidence out there would believe was a tremendous injustice and something that should have never happened — not only to myself, but to the 2016 presidential campaign and the country as a whole. So, I’m extremely grateful. It’s a tremendous moment for my family and myself, and it came on the cusp of Christmas, so it made it even more special for me.”

Papadopoulos said he was caught in the “crosshairs” of the “attempt to undermine both the democratic process and the smooth transition of power to the Trump administration.”

“This essentially was a western intelligence operation led by the Obama administration to set up various members of the Trump campaign to orchestrate a fake conspiracy to spy on the campaign illegally, and should President Trump have won, to essentially handcuff him and prevent him from governing properly.”

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