Padilla: COVID Numbers in CA Due to ‘COVID Fatigue,’ People Not Taking Precautions, and Travel to and from ‘Less Restrictive’ States

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Sen.-Designate Alex Padilla (D-CA) stated that the large amount of coronavirus cases in California is due to “COVID fatigue,” people “getting a little too comfortable,” in addition to people traveling to and from states that are less restrictive.

Padilla said, “I think if you look at the numbers and the charts for the better part of the year, Gov. Newsom’s quick, bold action paid dividends. Our curve was relatively flat, especially on a per capita basis for a good chunk of the year. But again, as you said, we’ve been hearing about, whether it’s COVID fatigue, and people are maybe taking it a little — getting a little too comfortable, thinking they would be immune or that the worst of it was over when it wasn’t true. Second, California can do all the things it needs to do, but if you have people still coming in and out from other states that have been less restrictive, right? Arizona is just right next door, for example, or all the people that flew throughout Thanksgiving weekend, all that is now coming home to roost. So, once again, we’ve got to tighten the belt in terms of that mobility, in terms of public health and minimizing exposure to try to flatten the curve down once again.”

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