Perdue: GA ‘the Last Line of Defense’ Against ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Aggressive Liberal’ Agenda

Tuesday, Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) warned what is at stake should he and Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) lose their seats in the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff elections as they look to fend off Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

Perdue said on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that he and Loeffler are fighting an “aggressive liberal plan” by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to change the country. He emphasized the danger of Schumer’s agenda, which Loeffler described earlier on Fox News as turning the country socialist.

“Sandra, you just have to listen to Chuck Schumer: take Georgia, change America,” Perdue told host Sandra Smith. “What he means by that is he wants to change the filibuster rule, add two states — two Democratic states — that would be four Democratic seats — he wants to stack the Supreme Court, and eventually change the Electoral College operates. That would allow them to perpetrate the agenda that’s in the Democratic platform that was on display during the presidential election. They want open borders, they want to defund the police, they want illegal immigrants to vote, they want to defund our military as well and give us the Green New Deal in addition to socializing our medical system.”

“So, this is an aggressive, aggressive liberal plan that’s so dangerous. That is what we’re fighting against here. This is the last line of defense, Sandra, as you guys have called out. Kelly and I know what’s at stake, the people of Georgia know what’s at stake, and they’re going to turn out to vote, but we have got to get our vote out to make sure we hold the line here in Georgia,” he concluded.

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