Howard Kurtz: CNN’s Acosta Has a ‘Personal Vendetta’ Against Trump

Wednesday, Fox News Channel host Howard Kurtz weighed in on CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta and his colleagues, saying they will approach a Joe Biden presidency differently than they did President Donald Trump’s.

Kurtz, on FNC’s”America’s Newsroom,” highlighted how much Acosta has gained from his aggressive coverage of Trump. He argued the double standard of how softly Acosta and other members of the media will cover Biden is proof there is a “personal vendetta” against the president.

“I was absolutely shocked,” Kurtz stated. “Look, Jim Acosta got a book deal and a little bit of fame by constantly trashing President Trump, debating him by the rather than questioning him and pushing his own agenda. For him now to tell ‘The Atlantic,’ among other quotes, the Trump presidency was a nonstop national emergency and that he couldn’t stomach the president’s attack on the press really shows that for Jim Acosta this has been personal vendetta.”

“Acosta’s colleague at CNN, reporter John Harwick, calls President Trump a psychopath and a kook. No wonder conservatives don’t trust journalists. No wonder the 74 million Americans that voted for Donald Trump think there is a blatant double standard,” he added.

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