Sen. Toomey: Trump Committed Impeachable Acts, Faces Possible Criminal Liability

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that President Donald Trump did commit impeachable acts by inciting the riot on Capitol Hill last week.

Host Jake Tapper said, “Your Republican colleague Senator Murkowski of Alaska says President Trump should resign. She said, quote, ‘He’s caused enough damage.’ Do you agree?

Toomey said, “Yeah, I do. I think at this point, with just a few days left, it’s the best path forward, the best way to get this person in the rearview mirror for us that could happen immediately. I’m not optimistic it will. But I think that would be the best way forward.”

Tapper asked, “Do you think the president should be impeached? Would you vote to remove him from office?”

Toomey said, “I think the president did commit impeachable offenses. There is little doubt in my mind about that. I don’t know. As a practical matter, it is actually possible to do an impeachment in the handful of days that are left. It is likely if the House does pass Articles of Impeachment, we wouldn’t get them until — I don’t know Tuesday or Wednesday. We are less than one week to go at that point. I am also not at all clear that it is constitutionally permissible to impeach someone after they have left office. So there may not be a viable impeachment route at this point. But certainly, he could resign, and that would be a very good outcome.”

He added, “I think there is also a possibility that there is criminal liability here.”

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