Michael Eric Dyson: Instead of Not Being Racists, Republicans Trying to Veto Black Votes

Vanderbilt University professor Michael Eric Dyson on Monday during MSNBC’s “The Beat,” accused the Republican Party of attempting “to veto the right of black people’s access” to voting.

Dyson said, “It’s pretty atrocious when you’ve got 106 bills in 28 states trying to suppress the vote through making it more difficult for mail-in votes. You would think the Republicans would want to increase that since they lost so horribly when you talk about the voter I.D. laws being strengthened and the registration processes being made even more difficult and then finally removing people from the rolls, these mass purges, which, of course, target with vicious particularity African-American voters — which is why Stacey Abrams, a heroic figure to be certain, not only reversed the purging of 500,000 votes in Georgia but added another 300,000. Perhaps that’s why today it has been leaked that she has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize because of her non-violent efforts to really retard this vicious trend.”

He added, “Look, the Republicans want to make an anagram of vote. They want to veto. They want to veto the right of black people’s access to the franchise. They want to veto Democrats’ access to the franchise. And so instead of doing it the old-fashioned way. ‘Hey, we lost, let’s work harder. Hey, we lost. Let’s deliver a better message. Hey, we lost. Let’s not be xenophobic. Hey, we lost. Let’s not be racist. Hey, we lost. Let’s not be antisemitic and on and on and on. The point is work harder, work smarter, be sharper, be more insightful.”

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