Heilemann: Trump Is the ‘Textbook Definition of a Monster’ — GOP Senators Who Acquit Are ‘Morons’

MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann said on Thursday’s broadcast of “Deadline” said that former President Donald Trump is a “monster” who encouraged the mob at the deadly Capitol riot to hunt former Vice President Mike Pence.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “What is this Republican Party if they are not for holding accountable he who incites an insurrection against them?”

Heilemann said, “They care only about their political futures and how they perceive it. But I’ll tell you what else they are in addition to being cowardly or being actual autocrats on the side of the insurrection, in addition to that, they’re idiots because the reality is, what they learned, if they learn nothing else from yesterday, is that loyalty to Donald Trump is of no use to you whatsoever. What happened yesterday, as we saw vividly, and I think this is another thing that many of the senators got clocked yesterday, watching how close they came to Mike Pence in this video, is that there has never been a human being on earth more loyal to Donald Trump than Mike Pence. And what he got in repayment for being that loyal to Donald Trump for four-plus years was Donald Trump tried to feed him to the lions.”

He continued, “He sat there on that day when he could see clearly he’s on the phone with Tommy Tuberville. Tommy Tuberville saying they just rushed the vice president out of here with his family. Donald Trump put out a tweet further inciting the rioters. He was happy, perfectly content to see his vice president, his devoted, pathetic, totally loyal vice president killed on that day. He is the textbook definition of a monster. I mean a monster. If you think about that, through that prism, it makes vivid just the degree of Donald Trump’s monstrousness and moral depravity.”

He added, “It also makes clear that all these Republicans who will now try to be loyal to Donald Trump because they think that’s the way their political futures will go because they think what Donald Trump’s going to repay them, how? Donald Trump would throw any of them to the mob if he thought it was in his interest. He would let any of them be killed. I mean, literally, if he would let Mike Pence be killed. In fact, not just let it happen, but stoke it, encourage it, the killing of his vice president. Who of these Republicans is ever going to get repaid by Donald Trump in any way politically that they can count on in the future? So they are craven, and they are morally bankrupt. They are zombies at this point. They exist as a party, but they have no moral, ideological, political conviction whatsoever. They’re all that, but they’re also morons, every single one of them.”

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