CNN’s Tapper: Trump Defense Was a ‘Sean Hannity Mixtape’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper called former President Donald Trump’s defense in his second impeachment trial a “Sean Hannity mixtape” Friday on his network’s coverage during a break in the proceedings.

Tapper said, “It was a very partisan argument. Whereas the Democrats, even though the House impeachment managers are some of the most partisan Democrats in the House — Jamie Raskin, Eric Swalwell, Ted Lieu. They have bent over backward to try to not be partisan because they’re trying to win over Republican senators, trying to win over the Mitt Romneys, Ben Sasses and Susan Collins. This presentation was very partisan. It was a Sean Hannity mixtape at times.”

He added, “It was here are all the times Democrats have said things that violated basic norms. Here are some evidence of hypocrisy by House Democrats. All true, I mean, good arguments to make, but not particularly relevant to what Donald Trump did and what we all saw him do.”

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