Assemblyman Kim: Impeaching Cuomo Is ‘the Only Option’ and ‘Constitutional Duty’

On Monday’s broadcast of The Hill’s “Rising,” New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim (D) stated that the impeachment of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) should be pursued “as soon as possible.” And that “the only option that we have as the Assembly body is the exercise of impeachment.”

Kim said, “Well, I just issued an op-ed today. It just got published an hour ago making the argument for impeachment. And I will be joining my conference today to push our Democratic conference. And it’s nothing — it’s not the governor. It is entirely about protecting the sanctity of the legislative body so we can do our job as a co-equal government. He has made many attempts to implicate us in his web of lies and in his pay-to-play schemes with his biggest donors that we have nothing to do with.”

He added that there is “consensus” among Democrats about repealing Cuomo’s emergency powers, “but I’m trying to push my conference that we have to go further. Because these powers are expiring anyways at the end of April. We need to check this governor. … And I think the only option that we have as the Assembly body is the exercise of impeachment. And by the way, we have a duty, a constitutional duty, when there’s willful, corrupt conduct to — we are obligated to pursue impeachment. And that he clearly has done. And so, we should move this forward as soon as possible.”

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