Jason Johnson: Last Summer Mostly Peaceful, BLM Protesters ‘Were Attacked by Police Officers’

Political commentator Jason Johnson said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Live” that during the summer of 2020, the “mostly peaceful” protests, Black Lives Matter protesters were “attacked by police officers.”

While discussing an Alabama bill to punish protestors that are deemed to be rioters, Johnson said, “Comparing what happened on January 6 to what happened last summer is completely conflating the issue. What happened last summer is mostly peaceful protesters who were attacked by police officers.”

He continued, “What’s really problematic about this law is not just the things that Brittany mentioned, but at the core of it who on Earth determines when something moves from a peaceful protest to a riot. If I go to a peaceful protest and someone downtown throws a rock into a window, these kinds of laws mean that you can just grab everybody in the paddy wagon and throw them in jail. And that’s the issue that we are seeing here. What they want to do is come up with an excuse to just throw black people and protesters in jail.”

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